About Us


  • We encourage community participation, partnerships, and collaboration that result in successful responses to community challenges and opportunities.
  • We strengthen community-based organizations that effectively address community needs, promote volunteerism, and provide community leadership.
  • We promote community-building programs and events that inspire community pride and unity.
  • We provide individuals and businesses opportunities to make charitable investments that directly benefit the Anaheim community.


The Anaheim Community Foundation is non-profit corporation established in 1984. The Foundation supports a broad base of programs, services, organizations, and facilities that enrich the lives of Anaheim residents.

A volunteer Board of Directors provides leadership and manages donations (property, money, or securities from individuals, organizations, and corporations) to ensure they are returned to the community to enhance programs and services that aid local groups in meeting vital community needs.

Through the Foundation’s Helping Hands program, individuals and business can choose to donate to the Foundation through their utility bills. Through this dynamic program, grants are awarded to local community organizations.


The Anaheim Community Foundation has been recognized for its community service and leadership through several awards, including:

  • Disneyland Community Services Awards
  • Stop-Gap’s Spotlight Award
  • Canyon Hills Community Council Helping Hands Award
  • Anaheim Community Services Department
  • California Park and Recreation Society District Ten Award